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Ishida is a manufacturer of weighing machines, packing and inspection machines (checkweighers, metal detectors, x-rays) with more than 125 years of experience globally in various industries such as snacks, meat, fresh fruit, ready meal, seafood, and many other industries.


Industry-leading multihead weighing machines for your food production line. Access unbeatable speed, accuracy and efficiency in multihead weighing, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Inspection & Quality Control

With technology X-ray inspection machines from Ishida can detect contaminants, packaging damage, product leaks, and other anomalies, maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Packaging Equipment

Packing machine can deliver high-quality packing and sealing of your snacks products, automated for top performance.

Data Management System

With the Data Management software you will be able to see the overall condition of your production line for better control of the production line.



Using ISHIDA machine for variety of products, in variety of markets.


Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

Weighing / Packing / Inspection / Display. By combining Ishida's outstanding technology and various products, we propose solutions that contribute to solving customers' problems and improving productivity.




October 1st, 2021 ISHIDA VIETNAM Website launch We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new website.
Address: 1/14 Street No. 33, Quarter 2, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-(0)28-7307-1243
May 10th, 2021 ISHIDA CO., LTD. Tokyo branch office has been renovated We would like to announce that Tokyo branch office has been renovated on May 10th, 2021.
Ishida Co., Ltd.(Tokyo branch office)
Address: Itabasih 1-52-1, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0004
Tel: +81-(0)3-3964-6111
Fax: +81-(0)3-3962-6299
Please find more information here
November 2nd, 2020 Opening Asia Technical Center in Thailand We are honored to announce you our new Asia Technical Center(ATC) was established in Bangkok, Thailand in february 2020.
ATC is highly-equipped technical site facility that has showroom, demonstration system for your product, FAT line, meeting rooms etc.
From base of Thailand, Ishida expands our technical capabilities across Asia.
Ishida Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Address: 293 Warehouse Chodthithanawat 1 Unit 4, Debaratana Km.1 Rd., Bangna-Nuea Bangna, Bangkok 10260
Tel: +66-(0)2-396-0224
Fax: +66-(0)2-117-4992
Please find more information here
January 20th, 2020 Notice of the passing of Honorary President Ryuichi Ishida It is with great regret that we inform you that Honorary President Ryuichi Ishida (formerly President) of Ishida Co., Ltd. has passed away peacefully at the age of 84. A private funeral service has been carried out in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and his family.
A farewell service will be held on March 6, 2020, at the Kyoto International Conference Center. Further details will be provided from website once they have been confirmed.


About Us

From the fields to the dinner table, Ishida products are used in a variety of areas.Our extensive lineup makes it possible to achieve production efficiency improvements through worksite automation.
We introduce our philosophy and thoughts based on our activities.


Service Support

ISHIDA VIETNAM as the official branch of Ishida Co., Ltd Japan, is dedicated to providing a responsive and focused engineer team so that no more machine troubles that can disrupt your production schedule.